Survival of Bifidobacterium ssp. during gastrointestinal passage and their mechanism of action for pathogenic bacteria inhibition in the gut: a concise review

  • S. Verruck, E. S. Prudencio Federal University of Santa Catarina, Department of Food Science and Technology, Rod. Admar Gonzaga, 1346, Itacorubi, 88034-001, Florianópolis, SC, Brazil


Bifidobacteria genus stands out for being one of the most used probiotic bacteria for food applications. This review presents a concise and direct picture of current knowledge on bifidobacteria strains survival during the passage through the human gastrointestinal system. It also provides the necessary theoretical background and details about mechanisms of actions of bifidobacteria against pathogenic bacteria. We will also report some of the factors which make the combination of food and bifidobacteria one of the most promising research topics in the field of modern food science.


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E. S. Prudencio, S. V. “Survival of Bifidobacterium Ssp. During Gastrointestinal Passage and Their Mechanism of Action for Pathogenic Bacteria Inhibition in the Gut: A Concise Review”. Food Biology, Vol. 8,  , pp. 01-06, doi:
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