• Ramaraju Cherkupally Department of Botany, K.R.R. Government Arts and Science College, Kodad, Telangana State, India
  • Hindumathi Amballa Bhumi Narasimha Reddy


A total of 36 species of fungi belonging to 15 genera were isolated from brinjal crop fields of Kodad. The present study results clearly revealed that the rhizosphere and non-rhizosphere soil showed variation in diversity of mycoflora.  Aspergillus was observed to be an important component of the present rhizosphere and non-rhizosphere soil fungal flora constituting 70.54% and 58.96% respectively, and Aspergillus niger was observed to be predominant species in the rhizosphere and non-rhizosphere soils.

Key words: microflora, non-rhizosphere, rhizosphere


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Author Biography

Ramaraju Cherkupally, Department of Botany, K.R.R. Government Arts and Science College, Kodad, Telangana State, India
Assisstant Professor, Department of Botany, K.R.R. Government Arts and Science College, Kodad, Telangana State, India


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