Macro and micro-morphological characteristics of Plantago seeds and its implication for species identification


  • Ashutosh kUMAR Verma Botanical Survey of India, Central Regional Centre, 10- Chatham Line Allahabad-211002
  • Neelam Gautam Kumar Avinash Bharti



Seed morphology of five species of Plantago (P. psyllium, P.ovata, P. lanceolata, P. major and P. arenaria) was examined under scanning electron microscope. Macro- and micro-morphological characters, including seed shape, colour, size, shape of cavity, surface ornamentation and epidermal cell shape are presented.  Marked difference among the species noted with respect of considered traits and a key for the identification of the investigated taxa based on seed characters is provided. 



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Author Biography

Ashutosh kUMAR Verma, Botanical Survey of India, Central Regional Centre, 10- Chatham Line Allahabad-211002


Botanical Survey of India


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