A Study of protective effect of Glycyrrhetinic acid in androgen induced alopecia

  • sukirti upadhyay iftm university



Androgenic alopecia is a common hair disorder of both gender but it is most prevalent in  aged male. Glycyrrhiza glabra is a herb generally use to treat hair disorders and previous studies showed that  petroleum ether extract of G.glabra  possess hair growth promoting activity.In present study Glycyrrhetinic acid was isolated from G.glabra  and was studied as curative agent for androgenic alopecia.


Male rats were taken for conducting studies on androgenic alopecia as they were made alopecic by injected with testosterone intramuscularly and protective effect was observed by Glycyrrhetinic acid and standard finasteride.

Results and discussion

The rat group on only testosterone developed alopecia while the animals on finasteride and Glycyrrhetinic acid  along with testosterone do not developed alopecia. Thus this study  proves protective effect of Glycyrrhetinic acid in androgen induced alopecia


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