Anti-inflammatory activity of methanolic extract of Stephania wightii (Arn) Dunn- an endemic medicinal plant


  • U. Danya, M.R. Udhayasankar, K. Arumugasamy and D. Punitha


The methanolic extract of aerial parts and tuber of Stephania wightii has been evaluated for their in vitro and in vivo anti-inflammatory activity using human red blood cell membrane stabilization method and carragennan induced paw oedema in mice model. The methanolic extract of S. wightii tuber part showed 75% protection of human red blood cell membrane. The result indicated that the methanolic extract of tuber at the dose of 100mg/kg.body wt., showed a maximum inhibition of paw oedema at 75.3% as compared to the reference drug, indomethacin. The methanolic extract of aerial part with a similar dose produced 63% of inhibition. The methanolic extract of tuber of S. wightii has showed maximum anti-inflammatory activity.


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Arumugasamy and D. Punitha, U. D. M. U. K. “Anti-Inflammatory Activity of Methanolic Extract of Stephania Wightii (Arn) Dunn- an Endemic Medicinal Plant”. Research in Pharmacy, vol. 3, no. 3, Oct. 2015,