Genetic diversity analysis of endemic species, Garcinia cambogia Gaertn using randomly amplified Polymorphic DNA markers

  • Santosh P
  • Suresh B. Arakera


Polymerase chain reaction based random amplified polymorphic DNA (PCR-RAPD) markers were employed to assess genetic diversity in eight Garcinia  cambogia  genotypes. Among the 20 random primers used in the present investigation, 9 primers showed polymorphism. A total number of 227 bands were obtained from 9 primers, out of which 225 were polymorphic, showing 99.11% polymorphism. An average of 25.22 bands per primer was scored and average number of polymorphic bands found to be 25. The eight accessions fall into two major clusters. Cluster analysis showed that the red and yellow accessions cannot be regarded as two different varieties. The use of red and yellow fruits for commercial and medicinal purposes, respectively, is purely based on consumer preference. 


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P, S., and S. B. Arakera. “Genetic Diversity Analysis of Endemic Species, Garcinia Cambogia Gaertn Using Randomly Amplified Polymorphic DNA Markers”. Research in Pharmacy, Vol. 7, June 2017, doi: