Phyllanthus Niruri: A magic Herb


  • Paithankar V. V., Raut K. S ., Charde R. M., Vyas J. V.


Medicinal herbs are significant source of pharmaceutical drugs. Latest trends have shown increasing demand of phytodrugs and some medicinal herbs have proven hepatotprotective potential. Inflammation describes a coordinated series of molecular, cellular, tissue, organ, and systemic responses that drive the pathology of various diseases Inflammation is a finely tuned, dynamic, highly-regulated process that is not inherently detrimental, but rather required for immune surveillance, optimal post-injury tissue repair, and regeneration. The inflammatory response is driven by cytokines and chemokines and is partially propagated by damaged tissue-derived products (Damage-associated Molecular Patterns; DAMP’s). DAMPs perpetuate inflammation through the release of proinflammatory cytokines, but may also inhibit anti-inflammatory cytokines.


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., Charde R. M., Vyas J. V., P. V. V. R. K. S. “Phyllanthus Niruri: A Magic Herb”. Research in Pharmacy, vol. 1, no. 4, Oct. 2015,