Anti-inflammatory Activity of the Plant Cannabis sativa (L) Petrolium Ether Extract in Albino Rats


  • Musa E.M, EL Badwi S.M Jah Elnabi M.A, Osman E. A, Dahab M. M


In this study the plant Cannabis sativa seeds petroleum oil extract was investigated for anti- inflammatory activity on albino rats. The inflammation was firstly obtained by using carrageenan suspension 0.1 ml of 10% saline injected at the sub – plantar region of the left limb for inducing a local acute oedema. A decreased in oedema size was reported after 24 hours for the rats pretreated with carrageenan30 minutes before injection with suspension( 4.56, 0.59 and 0.93 for control, 1ml/kg per day and 0.5ml/kg per day groups given C. sativa seed extracts respectively.), compared to Indomethacin standard antiinflammatory drug which reported a decrease in oedema size diameter to 0.55mm, which indicated an increase inhibition percentages were reported for the different pretreated groups 0.00, 87.03, 79.56 and 87.91 including the comparative Indomethacin treated groups of rats respectively. On the other hand, the post-treated groups of rats (given C. sativa oil extract after 30 minutes of injection of suspension) showed a similar results for maximum concentration 1 ml/day of C. sativa oil extract in comparison to the standard drug. Hence, such results recommend the prospect focus for the preventive medication use of the extract. The study also highlights no significant changes for serum and protein of the blood taken from rats of the experiments. Although there were significant decrease in lymphocyte and neutrophil, but the changes were not significant. Indomethacin was given to the rats used for a comparative drug (10mg/kg). Moreover, the drug indomethacin used as a comparative parameter showed similar results in comparison to the extract, hence wise the reported results may be recommended for use as anti-inflammatory agent and should be explored more to formulate drug on basis of its activity.


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Jah Elnabi M.A, Osman E. A, Dahab M. M, M. E. E. B. S. “Anti-Inflammatory Activity of the Plant Cannabis Sativa (L) Petrolium Ether Extract in Albino Rats”. Research in Pharmacy, vol. 1, no. 3, Oct. 2015,