Preliminary Phytochemical Analysis and Conservation of Herbs used by the Tribal people of Bolangir (Orissa), India as a Remedy against Threatened Miscarriage


  • Sarada Prasad Mohapatra*


A phytochemical analysis of herbal plants used as a remedy against threatened miscarriage was made in the tribal dominated village panchayat of Bolangir, Orissa. The tribes like Sabar, Kondha, Gond and Mahar etc dominated the area of study where five species were identified such as Corchorus olitorius, Carica papaya, Sida acuta, Ceiba pentandra and Heliotropium indicum. The alkaloid, saponins, resins, flavonoids content of these plants mainly control the miscarriage without any side effects as they are of natural products. So the proper conservation of such precious medicinal plants is required for future use as these are in a verge of extinction due to various environmental constraints.


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Mohapatra*, S. P. “Preliminary Phytochemical Analysis and Conservation of Herbs Used by the Tribal People of Bolangir (Orissa), India As a Remedy Against Threatened Miscarriage”. Research in Pharmacy, vol. 1, no. 1, Oct. 2015,