Some compositional and biochemical attributes of jaman fruit (Syzygium cumini L.) from Potowar region of Pakistan


  • SartajAli, Tariq Masud, Kashif Sarfraz Abbasi, Amjed Ali, Azhar Hussain


Jaman (syzygium cumini L.) is among the neglected fruits of tropical and sub-tropical regions having certain food and pharmaceutical values. Numerous studies are available world over on the compositional potentials of this fruit; however, very limited work has been done in Pakistan. The present investigation was therefore undertaken to assess some compositional properties and antioxidant potentials of jaman fruit parts. Proximate composition in terms of crude protein, fat, fiber and ash content were estimated in pulp, skin and seed portions and found in the range of 3.57-5.05%, 1.60-8.00%, 3.09-3.33%, 4.51-6.21% respectively. Seed was leading in protein, fat, ash and crude fiber, whereas varying levels were found in pulp and skin. Among the chemical attributes, total sugars, titratable acidity and ascorbic acid were assessed only in fruit pulp on dry weight basis that were 52.48%, 5.66% and 187.63 mg. 100g-1, while total soluble solids (9.11oBrix) were estimated in fresh pulp. Bioactive composition revealed that jaman fruit parts were rich in phenolics (4812.03- 5103.03 mg GAE. 100g-1), flavonoids (2380-3920 mg QE. 100g-1), anthocyanins (272.26-384.32 mg Cya.3-rut E. 100g-1) and antioxidant activity (82.52-90.66%). Fruit skin had higher amounts of bioactive components and antioxidant capacity followed by pulp and seed. All fruit parts were rich in mineral composition; however, seed had higher contents followed by skin and pulp. Among the individual minerals, potassium, phosphorus and calcium were abundant followed by magnesium, sodium and iron respectively. These findings revealed that Syzygium cumini fruit is a junction of health promoting phytochemicals and major mineral elements.


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Abbasi, Amjed Ali, Azhar Hussain, S. T. M. K. S. “Some Compositional and Biochemical Attributes of Jaman Fruit (Syzygium Cumini L.) from Potowar Region of Pakistan”. Research in Pharmacy, vol. 3, no. 5, Oct. 2015,