The regulation of salt and drought stress responses by SDR and its interacting proteins in arabidopsis


  • Justus Anyieni Obara Department of Crops, Horticulture and Soils, Egerton University, P.O Box 536 Egerton 20115, Kenya
  • Wilfred Magangi Abincha Department of WACCI, University of Ghana, PMB LG 30 Legon, Accra, Ghana



Drought, Salt, Stress, SDR, Genes, F-Box, Ubiquitin/26S, Arabidopsis, Protein, Interaction


The ubiquitin/26S proteasome pathway is key to protein degradation in plants. Its specificity often orchestrated by ubiquitin-protein ligases (or E3s), which facilitate the translocation of ubiquitin to appropriate targets. F-box protein is one of the subunit of E3 ligases SCF (Skp1-Cullin/CDC53-F-box). It has been reported that F-box protein is not only related to plant growth but also abiotic stress. In this study, the protein was found localised in the nucleus and its function was identified. It demonstrated that on salt treatment SDR is involved in salt and drought stress response in Arabidopsis. However, the function of most F-box proteins is unknown. In this paper, the full length of the F-box protein SDR gene was cloned by traditional reverse molecular biology methods, and related transgenic materials were constructed. Bioinformatics analysis of the cis-element of the promoter of F-box protein was used to screen F-box proteins that may be stressed by plants. We found a large number of abiotic stress response elements such as drought stress response elements, salt stress response elements, and heat shock response elements in the promoter sequence upstream of the SDR (At5g15710) gene. The results show that SDR can be induced by ABA, heat shock, and salt, but expression is suppressed under drought treatment.


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Obara, J. A., and W. M. Abincha. “The Regulation of Salt and Drought Stress Responses by SDR and Its Interacting Proteins in Arabidopsis”. Research in Biotechnology, vol. 12, Mar. 2021, pp. 1-13, doi:10.25081/rib.2021.v12.6859.



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