Inventory and ethnomedicinal plants used by rural people of Eastern Ghats of Tamil Nadu, India


  • Ariyan Sarvalingam
  • Vijayakumar Dhaarani
  • Chinnasamy Pavithra
  • Selvadas Sharmila
  • Arumugam Rajendran


The present study is aimed at documenting the phytodiversity and indigenous knowledge of the tribal people in the regions of Eastern Ghats. Sivanmalai, the pride of Eastern Ghats, the gem of Tamil Nadu, otherwise known as Sivachalam, Sivathri is a diversity rich region. Documentation of the richness and distribution of species diversity are helpful in developing a better plans for management and conservation of tropical forest. A total of 107 plant species were collected, which includes 46 medicinal species belonging to 41 genus of 24 families. Some of the plants are used to cure various ailments viz, Cancer, Leprosy, etc., and the frequently used medicinal plants includes Acacia leucopholea (Roxb.) Willd., Andrographis echioides Nees, etc., the predominant mode of medicinal preparation used in the study area is grinding the plant part into paste. The global clamour for highly potential medicinal plants creates opportunities for the local and rural people to export medicinal species of the Eastern Ghats. The conclusion  of the study invocate the importance of trans- disciplinary researches which helps in the conservation of phytodiversity and the invaluable traditional knowledge. 


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Sarvalingam, A., V. Dhaarani, C. Pavithra, S. Sharmila, and A. Rajendran. “Inventory and Ethnomedicinal Plants Used by Rural People of Eastern Ghats of Tamil Nadu, India”. Journal of Ecobiotechnology, vol. 9, Jan. 2017, pp. 05-12,