Biological Control of Fungal Leafy Vegetable Diseases through Antagonistic Fungi


  • Vishal N. Shinde1*, Zafar S. Khan2, Nilesh P. Bhosle1 and Sahera Nasreen1


In this study, in vitro potential of Trichoderma viride was evaluated against ten fungal pathogens of leafy vegetables by dual culture technique, slide culture method and well diffusion method. Simultaneously the effect of physical parameters such as pH and temperature on T. viride mycelial growth was also evaluated. T. viride had marked significant inhibitory effect on mycelial growth of ten targeted fungal pathogens in dual culture method and slide culture method with respect to their control. Maximum percent inhibition and coiling structure were recorded in F. moniliforme and S. verruculoscum. On the other hand, in well diffusion method, F. roesum and H. sativum were found to be most susceptible to T. viride. Effect of pH and temperature revealed that T. viride had antagonistic activities under a wide range of pH and temperature.


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Nilesh P. Bhosle1 and Sahera Nasreen1, V. N. S. Z. S. K. “Biological Control of Fungal Leafy Vegetable Diseases through Antagonistic Fungi”. Journal of Ecobiotechnology, vol. 3, no. 6, June 2011,