• Geetha Menon Mumbai University
  • Dabhade G.T.




The present study reports ten taxa of leafy hepatics (Jugermanniae) viz. Lejeunea cavifolia, L. flava ;Taxilejeunea indica ; Cololejeunea  lanciloba, C.himalayensis;  Ptycanthus striatus; Frullania ericoides; Jungermannia tetragona; Notoscyphus pandeii and Plagiochilla chopraii  from the ranges of Western Ghats lying in Maharashtra.These ten taxa belonged to eight genera under four families.The descriptions of each specimen, illustrations and localities of collection are presented. Among these Cololejeunea lanciloba,C.himalayensis are epiphyllous,J.tetragona is terricolous, while rest of them are corticolous. 


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Author Biography

Geetha Menon, Mumbai University

Department of Botany, Associate Professor


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