• SHARAD PAWAR, MUNNESHKUMAR, V. M. JAMBHALE State Level Biotechnology Centre, Mahatma Phule Krishi Vidyapeeth Rahuri 413722(MS), India


Molecular diversity in thirty wheat genotypes was done. For this the genomic DNA isolation was carried out and which were then subjected to PCR amplification using twenty SSR primers. Out of these twenty SSR primers, eighteen yielded amplifications and showed polymorphism. Total 93 loci were generated by amplification with 18 polymorphic primers, all of which 93 loci were polymorphic i.e. 100%. Among the SSR primers, BARC-170, WMC-44, produced maximum number of 2 loci. The size of amplification products ranged from 102 bp to 805 bp. All SSR primers showed 100 % polymorphism and all primers had more than 0.50 PIC value except one primer. Maximum PIC value 0.17 was observed in WMC-468. The maximum number of bands were observed in NIAW-2721 (28 bands), whereas minimum number of bands were present in NIAW-301 and NIAW-2539 (19 bands). The dice similarity coefficient values ranged from 0.50 to 0.95. Maximum similarity value of 0.95 was noticed between NIAW-2891 and NIAW-2837, while minimum similarity value of 0.50 was observed among NIAW-2595, NIAW-2874, NIAW-2995 and NIAW-2725. The consensus tree software revealed two major clusters.


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