Opportunies of Urban Horticulture for Poverty Alleviation in Dar es Salaam city, Tanzania  A Case study of Ubungo Municipality


  • Obadia Kyetuza Bishoge School of Energy and Environmental Engineering, University of Science and Technology Beijing, Beijing 100083, PR China.
  • Shaldon Leparan Suntu School of Computer and Communication Engineering, University of Science and Technology Beijing, Beijing 100083, PR China




Agriculture, smallholder farmers, vegetables, ornamental flowers, production


The study was conducted to explore the opportunities of the urban agriculture focusing on vegetable and ornamental flowers production towards poverty reduction and alleviation in Dar es Salaam city, a case study of Ubungo Municipality. A non-random (availability) and purposive sampling methods were used to select 240 smallholder farmers and 16 local government officers as crucial informants respectively. The data were collected by using observation, questionnaires, interviews and documentary reviews. The collected data were coded and analyzed by using the SPSS. The study revealed that production of urban vegetable and ornamental flowers has a significant positive contribution towards the increase in availability and accessibility of food security, nutrients and income generation for the improvement of essential social services such as water, electricity, health, and education. It is recommended that the government and other stakeholders should recognize and provide more support to this sector for sustainable development


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