Redescription of Lepismatophila cruszi Kundu and Haldar, 1984 (Apicomplexa : Sporozoea) from Chondracis rosea (Order: Orthoptera)

  • Indira Yumnam, N. Mohilal Parasitology Section, Department of Life Sciences, Manipur University Canchipur- 795003, Manipur, India
  • M. Manjur Shah Department of Biological Sciences, Yusuf Maitama Sule University, Kano, Nigeria


This study describes external characteristics and life history of a species of cephaline gregarine (Apicomplexa: Sporozoea) of the genus Lepismatophila [1], from Chondracis rosea (Order: Orthoptera)of Manipur, India. Diagnosis characteristic of the species the epimerite a simple symmetrical knob, Protomerite present throughout trophozoite stage, Solitary nature of Sporadins, Cyst without ducts dehiscence by simple rupture and Spores in uncoiling chains, ellipsoidal, boat shaped, without any filamentous process are discussed. And the morphological details of the different stages supported with photomicrographs are also provided.

Keywords: Cephaline gregarine, Lepismatophilacruszi , Manipur, India


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N. Mohilal, I. Y., and M. M. Shah. “Redescription of Lepismatophila Cruszi Kundu and Haldar, 1984 (Apicomplexa : Sporozoea) from Chondracis Rosea (Order: Orthoptera)”. Recent Research in Science and Technology, Vol. 11, no. 1, June 2020, doi: