Boiling Point of Binary Liquid Mixtures Using Ultrasonic Investigation

  • P. Ramadoss*, A. Vaidevi



Ultrasonic velocity is a useful tool to find thermal, physical and chemical parameters. In this work using ultrasonic velocity, the boiling point has been calculated for the following binary mixtures, Toluene+Heptan-1-ol, toluene +Octan-1-ol, toluene +Decan-1-ol,  1,1,1 Tricholoroethane +1-propanol, 1,1,1 Tricholoroethane+1-Butanol, 1,1,1 Tricholoroethane +1-Pentanol, 1,1,1Tricholoroethane+1-Hexanol,1,1,1 Tricholoroethane +1-Heptanol, Benzonitrile +Butan-1-ol, Benzonitrile+Pentan-1-ol, Benzonitrile+Methylpropan-2-ol and Benzonitrile+ toluene. The results are discussed.


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P. Ramadoss*, A. Vaidevi
Department of Physics, Government Arts College, Tiruvanamalai. Tamilnadu-606 603, India *Email:
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