Introducing leaf color chart in agriculture of Sindh


  • Shah Jahan Leghari*, Umeed Ali Leghari, Mehmooda Burriro, Aijaz Ahmed Soomro Department of Agronomy, Sindh Agriculture University, Tandojam, Pakistan


Sindh land province of Pakistan is an oldest civilization of the world. Its major economy depends on agriculture. For better crop production, peoples of Sindh use all available resources. They are always interested in new technology from pre-history. Moen-Jo-Dro (Mount of deed, Sindh) peoples were made own instruments for seedbed preparation to harvest crops. This nation was inventory for maximization of crop yield. Remembering ancestors, currently, Sindhi farmers struggling to maximize the crop yield in context with the increasing rate of population, but they are facing a scarcity of agriculture technology due to poverty. They have no good agriculture machinery for better crop cultivation as well as soil analysis laboratories. Students of Sindh Agriculture University always had taken advanced steps to make stronger Sindhi farmer by providing them new modern technology for maximization of crop yield. Funding of this, recently, first time self-made leaf color chart (LCC) is introduced in agriculture of Sindh. Now farmers of Sindh can use LCC for rice to estimate and manage nitrogen deficiency. Deficit of nitrogen cause the nutrient stress which stop or retard plant growth and development, thus directly reduce the yield. Nitrogen deficiency is analyzed by many good methods including LCC becoming famous method because of simple to use. A simple experiment was taken in 2014 to make self LCC and use for rice, wheat, and sugarcane crops in Sindh. This research paper lighting up in detail what is LCC, its uses, and how we made and introduced in agriculture of Sindh.


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Umeed Ali Leghari, Mehmooda Burriro, Aijaz Ahmed Soomro, S. J. L. “Introducing Leaf Color Chart in Agriculture of Sindh”. Journal of Plant Stress Physiology, vol. 1, Nov. 2015, pp. 19-22,