Aims & Scope

Journal of Plant Stress Physiology is an international, peer-reviewed, open-access journal publishing novel scientific research in field of plant physiology under stress.

Journal of Plant Stress Physiology publishes three types of articles:

Review Article

Regular Article

Short Communication

Journal of Plant Stress Physiology publish articles in different fields of plant physiological responses under various stresses, the articles include but not limited to the following:

Water Stress

Shade Stress

Plant Stress Signaling and Response

Temperature Stress

Nutrients Stress

Wind Stress

Chilling Stress

Flooding Stress

Radiation Stress

Freezing Stress

Drought Stress

Gasses Stress

Plant-Soil Interaction

Plant-Insect Interaction

Plant-Animal Interaction

Plant-Virus Interactions

Plant-Bacteria Interactions

Plant- Fungi Interaction


Alkalinity Stress

Salinity Stress

Herbicide Stress

Pollution Stress

Plant Adaptation

Climate Change

Insecticide Stress