Genetic analysis of paprika genotypes for dry fruit yield in chilli


  • S Srikanth, V Kanthaswamy, S Ramesh Kumar


Ten genotypes of paprika were evaluated for mean performance, variability parameters and association of characters towards dry fruit yield. Based on mean performance, genotype C-6 (‘U.S.609’) was the best for all characters except number of seed fruit-1, ascorbic acid, oleoresin content, capsaicin and capsanthin content. High estimates of genotypic coefficients of variation for numbers of primary branches, dry fruit yield plant-1, fresh ripe fruit yield plant-1 and fruit length indicated that the major part of variability was due to genetic makeup for these traits. Fruit length, fresh ripe fruit yield plant-1 and dry fruit yield plant-1 had higher genetic advance coupled with high heritability indicates the additive gene action. Among the characters analyzed for association it could be concluded that number of fruit plant-1, fruit length, plant height, days from anthesis to harvest and number of primary branches plant-1 would be appropriate selection parameters for improvement of fresh fruit yield.



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