Comparison of different weed control methods in groundnut (Arachis hypogaea L.) under rainfed conditions

  • Samra Kausar Research Officer, Adaptive Research Station Attock, Pakistan
  • Muhammad Zia ul Hassan Assistant Research Officer, Adaptive Research Farm Bhaun Chakwal, Pakistan
  • Muhammad Arif Khan Director Agriculture (Farm, Training & Adaptive Research) Adaptive Research Farm Bhaun Chakwal, Pakistan


 The experiment was carried out at Adaptive Research Farm Bhaun Chakwal during Kharif 2014, 2015 and 2016 successive seasons to evaluate the most appropriate method of weed control in groundnut. Three weed control measures were evaluated   i.e. pre emergence application of Ipiflour (trifluralin), Stomp (pendimethaline) and hoeing. A weedy check (Control) was also included in the experiment for comparison purpose. The results showed that both chemicals gave significant better yield than hoeing. Stomp as pre emergence weedicides gave significant yield (710.6 kg/ha) during all tested periods and gave maximum net return of Rs. 17919/- with CBR 5.66 followed by ipiflour with net return of Rs.8773.2/- and CBR 3.77. It is concluded from the experiment that the  hand hoeing gave reasonable groundnut yield (680kg/ha) but it was uneconomical due to high labor wages. So it is concluded that weedicides application is most appropriate and economical method of weed control in groundnut.

Keywords: KEYWORDS: groundnut, weeds, cultural control, chemical control


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