Cement dust pollution on growth and yield attributes of groundnut (Arachis hypogaea L.)


  • D. Raajasubramanian1, P. Sundaramoorthy1 *, L. Baskaran1, K. Sankar Ganesh1, AL.A. Chidambaram1 and M. Jeganathan1


Increased concentration of cement dust pollutants causes invisible injuries like progressive decline in the physiological process such as photosynthetic ability and respiration rate of leaves. Similarly, visible injuries such as closure leaf stomata, a marked reduction in growth and productivity were observed due to cement dust. The present study particularly discriminate the effect of cement dust deposition on soil and over the vegetation and its consequences effect on groundnut crop, which is popularly grown in and around the vicinity of cement industry. The present research work focused on growth biochemical and yield responses of groundnut due to cement dust deposition. The cement dust artificially sprayed on the plant surface with different levels. All the morphological and biochemical and yield parameters were analyzed. Morphological parameters Root length, Shoot Length, Total leaf area, fresh and dry weight were inhibited in high dose of cement deposition when compare control plant. Biochemical parameters such as chlorophylls Carotenoid Protein Amino acid and   total sugar were decreased in cement sprayed  plants when compare in untreated plant. The highest amount of all biochemical content which present in control set and lowest one recorded in 20g/pot sprayed with cement dust. pH and Iron, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium and manganese that are prominent in cement dust were found to be higher in concentration in the polluted soil. And zinc, copper and nitrogen were lower concentration. This indicates the extent to which the soil was polluted by cement dust, in addition to that the pH of gradually increased due the effect of cement dust when compare to control soil. Alkaline nature of cement dust reduce the absorption of mineral substances form the soil its leads to changes in the plant physiology and morphology.


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*, L. Baskaran1, K. Sankar Ganesh1, AL.A. Chidambaram1 and M. Jeganathan1, D. R. P. S. “Cement Dust Pollution on Growth and Yield Attributes of Groundnut (Arachis Hypogaea L.)”. International Multidisciplinary Research Journal, vol. 1, no. 1, May 2011, https://updatepublishing.com/journal/index.php/imrj/article/view/1462.