Germinative performance of seeds of 14 species of medicinal plants

  • H. Bendif, M. Harir, M. Yahiaoui Departement des sciences de la nature et de la vie, Faculte des sciences, Universite Mohamed Boudiaf, BP 166 Msila, Msila 28000, Algeria
  • A. Zedam, B. Hadjkouider, Y. Atek, F. Aissat, F. Bahlouli Agronomy Department, Faculty of Sciences, Mohamed Boudiaf University, BP 166 Msila, Msila 28000, Algeria
  • M. Boudjeniba Laboratoire d’Ethnobotanique et substance naturelles, Departement des sciences naturelles, Ecole Normale Supérieure (ENS), Kouba, BP 92 Kouba 16308, Algeria


In order to estimate the germinative performance of seeds of medicinal plants an experiment was performed with a pretreatment of seeds in vitro culture. The effect of pretreatments (Soaking in water and sulfuric acid ’’SA’’) on the GC and in vitro germinative performance of the seeds of fourteen medicinal plants namely: Nigella sativa, Lupinus mutabilis, Ricinus communis, Glycine max, Peganum harmala, Lepidium sativum, Hyoscamus muticus, Petroselinum crispum, Anacyclus valentinus, Ajuga iva, Salvia hispanica, Sesamum indicum, Eruca sativa and Portulaca oleracea were studied.The seeds of the plants studied are germinated in the soil firstly and in a Murashig and Skoug (MS) culture medium. Germination performance (germination capacity’’GC’’ and germination rate’’GR’’) were measured for each treatment. The results obtained showed that the pretreatments make it possible to demonstrate the germination, and to determine the optimal pretreatments for each species studied. L. sativum, E. sativa, R. communis, N. sativa, H. muticus, P. harmala, P. crispum are germinating species easy in the soil, while L. sativum and P. harmala, N. sativa, L. mutabilis, R. communis are species that require pretreatment with soaking in water. While soaking in SA is necessary for germination of H. miticus and P. crispum. In MS culture medium, the best GR were observed for all seeds except A. valentinus, A. iva, P. harmala and S. indicum. The species studied showed a varied behavior with respect to pretreatments at the time of their germination.

Keywords: Germinative performance, chemical scarification, soaking, seeds, medicinal plants, MS medium

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