In Vitro Egg Hatchability Inhibition Effect of Albizia gummifera, Phytolacca dodecandra, and Vernonia amygdalina against Natural Infection of Ovine GIT Nematodes

  • Bizuneh Tsehayneh Bahir Dar University, College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences, Department of Veterinary Science, Bahir Dar, Ethiopia
  • Achenef Melaku University of Gondar, School of Veterinary Medicine and animal science, Department of Veterinary Medicine, Gondar, Ethiopia


An in-vitro experiment was carried out to evaluate the egg hatching inhibition effect of three herbal plants, namely;Albizia gummifera, Phytolacca dodecandra, and Vernonia amygdalina. The leaves of these plants were collected; air dried and powdered with pestle and mortar, and then hydro-alcoholic extraction was performed and in measuring the percentage yield, P. dodecandra givesbetter yield (15.34%). Crude extract of these plants were evaluated for egg hatchability assay at different concentrations (3mg/ml, 5mg/ml and 10mg/ml) for each plant and the experiment was replicated five times. Ivermectin (0.1ml/ml) was used as positive control. Among the plants, the crude extracts of P. dodecandrahad better activity that achieved maximum (100%) egg hatch inhibition at concentrations of 5 mg/ml while V. amygdalina and A. gummifera induced complete inhibition at concentration of 10 mg/ml after 48 hours of exposure. All the three plant crude extracts were inhibit egg hatchability significantly (p< 0.05) as compared  with the negative control but the inhibition among them were not significantly different in the effect. In conclusion, this study revealed that all of the three plant extracts have high inhibition potential on the hatchability of gastrointestinal nematode eggs. More detailed study on vivo anthelmintic effects of these plants with different extraction methods and phytochemical screening should be done.

Keywords: Albizia gummifera;Phytolacca dodecandra;Vernoniaamygdalina

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